Gentle Vinyasa Flow


A low key, moderately paced vinyasa flow that prioritizes stretching, relaxation, and the idea of yoga as a moving meditation. Although this class moves at a gentle place with plenty of space for modification, all aspects of a traditional vinyasa flow are practiced, including sun salutations, standing postures, balances, hip-openers, and backbends. This class is appropriate for students of all levels, including absolute beginners. 

Vinyasa Flow


Leave your worries at the door and just come flow. Through linked breath and movement, this class balances strength, flexibility, and mindful focus. This safe and creative flow is designed to benefit all levels of student; however, absolute beginners are encouraged to attend Foundations of Vinyasa Flow Yoga within the first month of practice to ensure confidence and safety on the mat. 


Intermediate / Advanced Vinyasa Flow


For students with a regular vinyasa practice, this class provides the ideal space to explore intricate, creative sequences including balancing transitions, inversions, binding, arm balances and other advanced variations. While this vinyasa flow practice moves right along, instructors take time to safely breakdown more complicated postures and sequences. Appropriate for students with a solid vinyasa flow base. 


Community Vinyasa Flow


Our Vinyasa Flow class. For free. Taught by our certified teachers and teachers in training.


Yin Yoga


Designed to stretch the connective tissue in the body. This class is ideal for students experiencing body tension and tightening. 

Candlelight Restorative


Take an hour for deep stretching, breath work, relaxation techniques, and meditation by candlelight. An excellent counterpoint to more active yoga classes and all athletic pursuits; this class is wonderful for those battling injury or illness and is appropriate for all levels of yogis. 

YinYang Yoga


Let go of your week with all-levels vinyasa flow for the first half of this class; relax for your weekend with restorative and yin postures for the second half. The perfect transition for your Friday evening. 


Chakra Flow


This is an all-levels class for those who are interested in exploring the energy centers of the body- the chakras. We blend knowledge of the chakras with activating yoga postures, sequences, pranayamas, and meditations for each. Classes range from focus on one specific chakra to a generalized full spectrum chakra yoga flow. Essential oils are diffused to compliment the goals of the class. Each class ends with meditation and guided savasana.


Yoga Nidra


The yoga nidra class is an hour of deep yogic sleep. What that entails is for the first 15 minutes of class we use A LOT of props to settle into the most comfortable savasana (laying down) pose. Once everyone has found the most comfortable position for themselves, guided meditation will begin. In the practice of Yoga nidra we use our inner awareness to move throughout the body and dig a little deeper into our senses. Of course if you feel uncomfortable and need to change positions you're encouraged to do so, but for the most part lying down and settling in ensures that you will receive all benefits of the practice.